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Coherent Saphire Laser model 488-50 50mW 488nm OPSL laser system.  OEM model with less than 1,000 hours of use. Includes laser head, OEM OPS-L controller, 12V 6.6A enclosed switching power supply, and cables. Tested.  Several available. 90 Day Warranty. $3,250 New Lower Price

Melles Griot Compact Solid-State Green DPSS Laser System 58GCS421 (58 GCA series information) These are the 20mW model, featuring low-noise output at 532nm. The laser is physically the same as the model 58 GCA 020 and the 58 GCB 020 but offers lower noise over a larger spectrum (<2% peak-to-peak at 30Hz to 30Mhz).  Melles Griot in the past changed the part number prefix from 58 to 85, with the model number changing to  85 GCA 020.  Now Melles Griot calls these lasers the GCX1 Green DPSS System. These units are brand-new surplus. They were built in 2001 and remained in their original packaging until now. They come with a Melles Griot universal input power supply.  The current price  is $7,500.00. We provide a six month warranty.
Our price: $1,825.00
New Lower Price

58 GCS 42102

SALE: Take $500 off all Laserscope Systems below!


Laserscope KTP/532- 800 series 532nm 45+ Watt average power, air-cooled 220Vac. We can ship the unit in its original crate. Used and tested system.  $5,990

Laserscope KTP/532- 800 series 532 nm 25+ Watt average power, air-cooled 220Vac. We can ship the unit in an original crate. Used and tested system.  $4,590

Laserscope KTP/659- 800 series 659.5nm. This is a specially modified unit that was used  in clinical trials. The optics have been changed for Nd:YAG operation at 1319 nm and SHG at 659.5 nm.  Q-switched 8 Watt average power, air-cooled 220Vac. We can ship the unit in an original crate. Used and tested system.

Laserscope KTP/532- 800 series water-cooled 220Vac. Used and tested system. $2,750.00

Laserscope KTP/532- Shipping crates for above lasers (optional) $475.00

Laserscope 800 series laser.



Newport ULTIMA series model U100-A mount with actuators:   1 inch aperture base.  BRAND NEW.  Includes two model AJS100-0.5H actuators. 100TPI Hex adjustment; 7 degree angular range. Manufacturers product page.   
Current price with actuators, model # U100-A2H: $108..00
Our price:
Actuators only: $9.50 each or take all 28 pieces for $225.00

laser eyeware

Laser Safety Eyeware These spectacles are optical density 5 (O.D.=5) for 488-514.5nm argon laser lines. They also have an O.D. of 3.5 at 532nm and therefore are suitable for use with 532nm DPSS lasers.   Lens color: amber/orange. New with carrying case. Our price: $65.00 each

Laser Safety Glasses with case.

Allen Avionics Video Delay Line  Model VRM2270  Adjustable delay: 0 to 2,270nS in 10 nanosecond increments. Manufacturers product page.  Several available, great condition. New price: $923.00 Our price: $450.00

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