Computer Controlled Laser Show

Computer Controlled Laser Light Show Kit


     Computerized or computer driven laser light shows were for many years attainable only using thousands of dollars of equipment. We have sold this kit for many years and are very excited to be able to offer it at a new amazingly low price. It includes everything to build a complete laser lightshow system, including the software and ready to-go closed-loop galvanometer x-y scanners that are pre-mounted in an X-Y bracket, cables and the power supply. Just add a laser. No soldering, no gluing, just hook up the cables and your ready to go. The software included is Laser Show Designer 1000 which is a predecessor to the well known Lasershow Designer 2000 series of software. We also include Lasermax, and several other freeware and open source programs. The software is provided on a CD-ROM and runs under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
     For the assembled unit, you need only to direct your laser beam in through the side of the unit and connect the audio output of the computer to the 1/8” stereo jack on back using the cable provided; flip the power switch and your ready to go.  The scanners work great for animations, drawings, and beam-effects. Look at the images at the bottom of this page that were done using this kit. This is just a simple sampling of what you can do. You can also create amazing rotating beam effects, moving “liquid sky” effects, etc. Because it uses a laser, you can project images / art at practically any distance you want to.  For example you can project an image on the side of a barn that is blocks away, or on the side of a mountain. You can also project images very close.  The scan angle is completely adjustable from less then one degree to 40 degrees.


LSD1000 Software Features:
• Pull-down menus, buttons and gadgets
• Awesome abstract generator can create abstracts that
   todays software cannot.
• EZ draw tool for free hand drawing
• Many drawing tools including: line, point, rectangle,
   circle, symmetry, resize, rotate, grid, flip, move, etc.
• Display text in several fonts and sizes
• Rotate, move and animate frames automatically
• Scan and animation rates controlled independently
• Three types of frame mixing
• Includes auto-LSD, a simple scripting program
• Many frames and animations included.
• Does not support color or blanking control.

Hardware Features:
• Universal voltage input: 100 to 240Vac
• Use practically any laser you choose.
• The system can be used with a variety of free software.
• Maximum scan angle 40 degrees
• Frequency response: 1,700Hz ( 20K ILDA tuned )


Computer Requirements:
A PC running Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
Recommend 800+ Mhz CPU
CD-ROM drive

These are sample images of graphics done with this kit and a green laser.

Optional USB Compatible Hardware:
We now offer a modified USB sound card that can also support RGB color control and blanking. The kit requires soldering and de-soldering experience.
Kit including all parts - Item LPSND2K $33.95
- Item #: LPSND2 $49.95
Note: If you intend to only use the above pictured programs which do not support blanking or color control, then you may be able to use your computers built-in audio to control the scanners with reasonably good results.


Your laser is aimed through the side and exits the opening in the front.

Complete kit including: scanners, cables, and software:

Assembled with Enclosure:

Item #: SLPKIT5B $229.00

Item #: SLPKIT5 $289.00

ON SALE through January 31st $199.90


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