Wanted: Laser equipment; new or used, working or not, we may want it.  Let us know what you have. Top dollar paid. We buy used research, medical, and OEM lasers.

Old Air-cooled argon and krypton lasers :

Uniphase lasers
Ion Laser Technology ( ILT ) lasers and power supplies such as:
400A - Supply used for 5425 Laser
 5400B - Supply used for 5470K Laser
 5400C - Supply used for 5490 Laser
 5403B - Supply used for 5470K Laser
 5405A - Supply used for 5500 Laser
Melles Griot lasers
Lasos lasers

Air-cooled argon and argon/krypton lasers contain beryllium oxide, BeO ceramic. This is a potentially hazardous material.  We can recycle or provide proper disposal of these materials.
We will pay for the shipping and sometimes more.

Phone fax or email your details.

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