Designed for ease of use, this low-cost Helium-Neon laser is perfect for the lab, classroom demonstration, or anywhere a complete Helium-Neon laser is needed. Comes with a pamphlet describing many different demonstrations and uses for the laser. The laser features a black plastic (ABS) enclosure. Wall adapter included (120VAC to 12Vdc).

• 0.75 to 0.99 milliwatt output power
• On/Off switch with LED power indicator.
• Fuse protected.
• 12Vdc operation using 120VAC wall adapter.
• 632.8 nm wavelength
• Single mode (TEM00)
• Longitudinal Mode Spacing: 1085 Mhz
• 0.5 mm beam diameter
• 1.7 milliradian divergence
• Size:7.5" L x 4.5" W x 2.5" H
• 180 Day Warranty
• C.D.R.H. / FDA Compliant.

Item #:LL12-6                $299.00

4mW HeNe Kit

Complete 4mW Helium Neon Laser Kit

This kit includes:
• 4 mW Melles Griot HeNe Laser Head
• 115Vac input power supply
• Power cord
• Instruction manual

• model 05-LHR-121 laser
• model 05-LPM-938-065 power supply
• 632.8 nm wavelength
• >90% TEMoo
• 3.5mW to 4.8mW output power
• 0.59mm beam diameter
• 1.5 mRad beam divergence
• Random polarization
• 687Mhz longitudinal mode spacing
• Laser dimensions: 10.7 inch (271.8mm) by 1.75 inch (44.5mm) diameter
• IEC / CDRH compliant


 All components are new and tested.
Similar systems sell for twice the price. 

One year limited warranty
from the date of purchase.


1mW Helium Neon Lab Laser

Our price: $665.00

This less than 5 milliwatt (<5mW) HeNe laser system is ideal for many applications.

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