X-Y Galvanometer Scanner Kit


Quality X-Y galvanometer scanner kit with pre-mounted mirrors. Great for many applications including laser light shows, structured light, any application where you need to project a vector image over a long distance like 5 to 500 yards or even over very small distances of just a few inches.

Input signal: +/- 5V (10V peak-to-peak)
Frequency response: 2KHz at 20 degree optical scan angle.
ILDA Speed Rating: 20Kpps @ 20 deg.
Higher speed can be attained at a smaller angle.
Mirror size: 6mm x 10mm
Maximum laser beam diameter: 3 to 4mm
Power supply: Switching type with input range: 100-240Vac
Power supply output: +18Vdc @ 2.0 Amp and -18Vdc @2.0 Amps


Item #: SCAN20KC
Price: $154.00

Laser Galvo X-Y Scanner

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